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How to flash/upgrade Zenithink ZT-180 ePad firmware (ROM)

from: http://www.shenit.com/blog/2010/09/25/the-burn-way-for-zt-n180-software/

Some of the tablet Zenithink ZT-180 users were asking how to get this tablet upgraded, and now, the following passage will show the detailed steps. Hope it is helpful!
This tablet (Zenithink ZT-180) can install WinCE and Android 2.1 OS firmware.
1. Download firmware zt180_USBburntool.rar ?including burning tool and USB driver?
click burning tool for download 

zt180_up_android_2.1_20100804.rar (including firmware) or 20100809 version
click  flasher for download
2. Connect with computer and install USB driver
3.Open ANYKA, the burning tools software double click“burntool_v07.2.exe”

4 click “setting”according to the view

5,Pls choose the procedure according to the view,then click save
if you wanna install Android 2.1 firmware, in the red box choose file (u-boot.img?zImage_cui?system.img and userdata.img)
the setting procedure is as follows

If you wanna install WinCE firmware, in the red box choose files (u-boot.img and zNK.img)
Then click “save” button (at the bottom of the small window, there are two buttons, the left one is the “save” button).
Burning WINCE software, the setting procedure is as follows

Start burning software

When using for the first time, installation process will be suggested,make choise as below.

Device 10 will turn green after the connection

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